Abe Lincoln Would Love My Blog

If you’ve been following the hair-curling cataclysm known as the Trump administration, you have been presented with ample opportunity to practice spotting fallacious reasoning. And the particular fallacies favored by the Orange Overlord and his minions are pretty common (like Trump himself). I have written about a number of logic fallacies in other posts (try scrolling down), and I told you these lapses in logic are caused by one of two things: sloppy thinking or a malicious attempt to manipulate others. With Trump, we’ve been treated to both causes.

Kellyanne Conway is one of President Trump’s advisors, and we should be grateful because Mr. Trump knows so little about the ideals on which the nation was founded. But Kellyanne is a first-rate expert; and in recent days, Kellyanne has unleashed one of the most ignoble of logical fallacies: unsupported pronouncements about what the dead think, or what they would support, or whose side they’d favor and so on. Fortunately for the dead, they no longer need concern themselves with the political issues of the day. Because they are dead. They don’t think, believe or say anything. Because they are dead. It’s remarkable how little the dead actually do.

The Washington Post reports that Kellyanne knows Martin Luther King Jr. would have opposed Trump’s impeachment. Ah, Ms. Conway is able to read the minds of the dead. And oddly enough, the dead seem to think precisely what she wants them to think. This is a magical quality possessed by only a chosen few, and those chosen few are self-selected. They know what the Founding Fathers, the Framers, or anyone else who is not around to object were thinking and apparently continue to think.

Soon, the reigning crooks will discover another use for the dead. Think how many there are. Researchers have estimated about 100 billion human beings were here before us. This is a vast untapped market waiting for some entrepreneurial churl to tap it. Alert Ivanka. She has another branding job to do.

Author: Craig Butcher

Craig Butcher is an award-winning educator who has taught critical thinking skills for more than two decades. In addition, he has worked on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer and has been a top-rated broadcaster.