The Category Puzzle Redux

The category puzzle I shared with you on December 26th is a test of your ability to discern patterns and categories.

Category Puzzle

The first letters of the alphabet are put into two groups, and the challenge is to determine into which group the next letters go.

Group One: A, E, F

Group Two: B, C, D, G

To be classified: H, I, J

Where do the last three letters go, and why?

The organizing principle here is not linguistic, rather it is based on shape. A, E, and F are constructed of straight lines only, while B, C, D, and G all make use of curved lines. So the answer would be H and I go in group one and J belongs in group two.

Author: Craig Butcher

Craig Butcher is an award-winning educator who has taught critical thinking skills for more than two decades. In addition, he has worked on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer and has been a top-rated broadcaster.